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Videos in HD 1080

All videos are recorded in HD 1080 for the best possible viewing quality

Battery Powered

Looking to have our 360 outside? Not a problem! Out setup is completely battery powered so no need to worry about power!

Ready in 15 seconds

All recorded videos are processed and ready to be shared at one of our sharing stations in 15 seconds.

So what exactly is a 360 Photo Booth?

The Orbit Booth is the ultimate 360 Photo Booth event experience. 360 Video booths are NEW high-tech video experiences that take panoramic videos in 360 degrees, resulting in some genuinely unique videos that you & your guests will cherish for a lifetime. The camera revolves around up to 3 of your guests as they stand on a platform. A rotating arm with a camera captures a 360-degree video in a fast & slow motion video. Users instantly see their videos on a custom template of your event, when they are sent via Whatsapp, texted or emailed. Our dedicated onsite attendee sets up all the equipment, guides your guests and takes the videos so that the best video will be shot as well as sharing the final product. This revolutionary 360 photo experience will astound your guests and take your event to the next level. Our production includes OPTIONAL backdrops and props that add more to a great atmosphere for your 360 video production.
Guests stand on the platform, lit with flattering studio lighting, for optimal photo quality, as our camera spins around capturing a 360 degrees high definition video clip. That video is then sped up and slowed down with custom video FX and graphics. All of this in no time and sent to the guest instantly.

What types of events are ideal for the 360 Photo Booth?

• Weddings
• Birthdays
• Year End Functions
• Corporate & Sporting events
• Matric Farewell
• Festivals


Package includes:
• 2-3 People load capacity
• Automatic rotation
• LED Lights
• Stanchions
• Smoke Machine
• Lazer light
• Instant video sharing
• 360 Booth Operator
• On-site support
• 1 Hr – R 2900
• 2 Hrs – R 3400
• 3 Hrs – R 3990
• 4 Hrs – R 4990
• 6 Hrs – R 5990
• 8 Hrs – R 6990


Custom Graphic Overlays – Our in-house designers will create the overlay graphics as well as optional video intros and outros.

Lighting – Never worry about lighting! We are geared with beautiful lights to perfectly light the scene and your guests.

Slow Motion Video – All videos will be processed with video FX including slow-motion video.

INSTANT SHARING – All of our experiences include instant on-site sharing. You don’t have to wait to post your video on Instagram.

Venue Requirements

Please keep in mind the following
• Space of 4.5 metres by 4.5 metres
• Access to a power supply within 10m
• Venue access 1 hour before your booking for the set up
• Payment of the deposit to secure your booking, the rest of the payment is due before the setup will commence
• Instant sharing is only possible if we have access to the venue Wi-Fi or for the venue to have cellphone signal


What area do you cover?
We operate from Mossel Bay and cover the entire Garden Route. We gladly travel outside of the Garden Route, accommodation and fees will be quoted.
May I amend the time of the package on the evening of the event?
Should you need us to stay a little longer, you can do so at the set packages ( per hour ).
What types of events have you or do you cover?
We will add fun and excitement to ANY EVENT.
How long does it take to get the video clips?
The clips will be mainly sent via Whatsapp directly to the guests phone during the evening.

Contact us/Booking

• Contact: +2783 2777 237
• E-mail:

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